COVID-19 Protocol

June 2020 - Business Statement

After carefully considering the roadmap published by the UK Government to ease the country out of lockdown, Windhager UK Ltd reconvened business ‘as normal’ as of 1st June 2020. We have reopened our offices with limited staff capacity and within government guidelines. The remainder of our staff continue to work safely from home. 

Windhager UK have in place strict social distancing protocols and risk assessment procedures to safeguard the health of our staff and clients at all times. 

Our offices operate a strict Covid-19 policy of social distancing and cleanliness. All visitors attending our offices must adhere to company policy and government guidelines. 

Our Field Engineers have returned to work servicing and maintaining Windhager appliances across the UK. All site visits are conducted within government guidelines. All customer appointments that are booked through our Service Department are sent our Covid-19 engineer’s policy which must be adhered to at all times. 

At this moment in time we are only able to attend to appliances and equipment that are external to the ‘dwelling’ area and with restricted contact to customers at all times. This policy is constantly under review. 

All site surveys and external meetings are undertaken within company and government guidelines of social distancing. Should clients have specific Covid-19 policies in place Windhager UK employees will adhere to these at all times when attend clients premises. 

Windhager UK is prepared for the further easing of, and eventual exit from, lockdown and will adapt our policies and procedures accordingly. 

Windhager UK will take appropriate action should government advice dictate further restrictions and protocol in any area of the UK in which we operate. 

April 2020 - Windhager Service Engineer Measures 

We wish to reassure you that Windhager take our employees welfare as well as that of our customers very seriously. 

We would like to inform you of our procedures that we have adopted in these unprecedented times with the spread of the Covid-19 virus. 

Please ensure that you read the below information prior to our engineer attending your property. 

Should government advise relating to Covid-19 ‘lockdown and ‘social distancing’ dictate that we are unable to attend we will inform you (or you inform us) as soon and possible and we will postpone the pre-booked appointment and rebook at a later date. 

Should you have any specific Covid-19 measures in place please inform us prior to our engineer attending. 

  • We are monitoring our engineers for any symptoms of Covid-19 – should an engineer show any symptoms of the virus they will self-isolate and will not attend your property and a new appointment will be booked. 

  • If you the customer are presenting symptoms of a new, aggressive and persistent cough then the current Government advice is that you self-isolate for 7 days. If you are suffering from any of these symptoms please contact our Windhager Service Department immediately. Our engineer may still be able to attend but cannot have any contact with you. On arrival and on completion the area worked in will be wiped down with anti-bacterial wipes by our engineer. 

  • If you or any member of your household are confirmed as suffering from Covid-19 then we will be unable to attend your property until it is confirmed that you are clear of the infection – a medical report may be required. 
  • Prior to our engineer we request that you do not interact / touch any part of you boiler (internal or external for at least 3 days prior to our engineer attending. If for any reason you do need to touch any part of the boiler or control within 3 days of our engineer attending that all surfaces touched by any member of your household and or others are wiped clean with an anti-bacterial solution. 

  • As precautionary measures our engineers are equipped with PPE, hand sanitiser and anti-bacterial wipes. 

  • We request that when an engineer attends your property that contact with them is kept to an absolute minimum and a distance between them and you is kept to at least 2 meters. 

  • On pre and post completion of the works our engineer will wipe down any surfaces of equipment and controls that they have and or will be in contact with using an anti-bacterial wipe. 

  • On completion of the works you will be required to read our engineers report on an electronic touch screen tablet. Prior to handing this to you it will be wiped with and anti-bacterial wipe, our engineer will hand you a wipe to wipe your hands before handling the tablet and providing a signature, on handing the tablet back it will be again wiped by our engineer. 

We appreciate your assistance in ensuring the appropriate measures are taken by all concerned.