BioCABIN for larger Biomass Heating Systems

biocabin1.jpgThe new BioCABIN is an innovative turn-key solution designed to minimise construction time and installation costs on site. Constructed off-site by a highly skilled engineering team, the BioCABIN uses insulated steel profiled panels around the structural steel framework to house a Windhager BioWIN wood pellet boiler.

The BioCABIN is purpose-made to accommodate Windhager's BioWIN wood pellet boilers in a range of sizes with outputs from 52kW to 180kW, as single boilers or cascade systems.  It's a complete package including a pellet boiler, buffer tank, pressure units, plate heat exchangers, expansion vessels and heat meters.  Each is a bespoke system to meet the specification, site, project and RHI requirements.

The BioWIN pre-packaged plant rooms are ideal for a variety of applications from district heating to commercial premises, hotels, schools and nursing homes. All of these commercial applications qualify for the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) which came into effect in October 2011 and which pays 7.9p per kW hour (under 200 kW installations), for renewable heat generated for the next 20 years.

As the BioCABINs are constructed off-site, once delivered they take little time to install. They are simply craned into position for immediate connection to the on-site services of heating distribution pipes, water services and electrics prior to final commissioning. The BioCABIN can be clad in a range of exterior finishes from profiled composite panels to timber over-cladding so as to blend in with the local surroundings.