Lord Family Retires with Biomass


The Lord family from Derbyshire is reaping the benefits of installing a biomass pellet boiler from Windhager after wishing to use a retirement fund to reduce the amount of effort required to keep their 18th century cottage warm, as well as having a more controllable source of heat.

The Lord family approached Elliotts of Bakewell, a small local heating installer which has a strong reputation in the area for installing high quality boiler systems. Andrew Elliott of Elliotts of Bakewell had recently installed a biomass boiler for himself and therefore recommended a 25.5kW BioWIN system from Windhager. The family had not previously considered wood fuel but liked the idea that this would provide the controllable heat they required, and cut carbon emissions, compared with their previous anthracite boiler.

The family finds the system easy to use and less time consuming then their previous system, Mr Lord commented, “The boiler is very efficient, I’m very impressed as it’s an incredible piece of kit. As I live in the middle of nowhere, gas was not an option yet it’s got the same ease of use as a gas boiler.” The boiler is fed via a bulk pellet hopper, which uses a Windhager suction system.

The pellet boiler was installed in the old coal store located adjacent to the front door of the property, and a 1.5 ton pellet store added which can hold several months’ supply of fuel. The family experienced minimal disruption during the installation process and the system is compatible with their existing heat distribution system. Mr Lord commented, “Now that the boiler is out of the way, we finally have a nice clean kitchen!”

The system is installed with an MES Control system (Modular Energy System), an intelligent, systematic control solution that fully integrates with the BioWIN Exklusiv for optimum production and distribution of heat. The additional technology of the MES offers a series of functions which enable the heat and hot water demands to be accommodated depending on requirements for maximum operating convenience and constant comfort.

All Windhager biomass boilers are MCS certified and therefore eligible for financial support through the Renewable Heat Incentive scheme.

The modulating operation of the BioWIN Exklusiv ensures an excellent energy-saving operation. Using just 30% of its capacity or above, the BioWIN Exklusiv supplies just the right amount of energy where and when required

The BioWIN system from Windhager has previously had success on a number of projects including an installation for the National Trust at Dyffryn Mymbyr and the Badaguish Outdoor Centre in The Cairngorms National Park.