New Products from Windhager

LogWIN.jpgNew for 2012 from Windhager, the leaders in biomass boilers, is an auto-ignition system for its successful LogWIN split log boilers; an 8 probe pellet suction system available for its entire wood pellet boiler range; and two new control systems enabling remote control of its boilers.

Windhager's LogWIN is a highly efficient wood gasification boiler for split logs and has the largest filling chamber in its class to up to 226 litres ensuring longer burning times without re-filling.  The new auto-ignition system for LogWIN allows the boiler to be filled with logs, timer set and then ignition delayed to a pre-set time, for example setting in the morning for evening ignition.  It is also a useful feature that can be used when away from home.

Available in an output range of 30kW to 50kW and with a 10 year warranty, LogWIN appliances are an economic and efficient method of supplying heating and hot water in a clean and environmentally sustainable way.

Designed to complement its flat bottomed pellet hoppers, Windhager has now introduced an 8 probe suction system for the automatic feeding of its wood pellet boilers. This efficient method of fuel supply allows larger capacities of pellets to be stored and hence larger bulk deliveries making it more convenient with less deliveries of fuel over the course of a year. This new system is now available for all Windhager pellet boilers after its initial introduction for the BioWIN Excel.

Remote control of biomass heating boilers is now advancing with Windhager’s latest introductions. MES Plus is a new series of wireless controls now available for all its heating boilers and as well as the convenience of wireless control there is now no need for the traditional hard wiring of controls during installation. Also introduced is the new SMS control system which enables SMS text messages to operate the boiler so that certain perameters within the boiler can be reset, and also feedback information from the boiler retrieved.