Thunderstorms turn to Showers


Despite a very wet and muddy build up to Glasto 2019 the weather has taken a turn for the better and there is even the possibility of temperatures reaching record breaking highs for the festival goers.

Windhager UK are once again pleased to support Glastonbury Festival and Greenpeace with the provision of a BioWIN Excel wood pellet boiler to provide refreshingly hot eco-friendly showers at this world famous festival.

This is the 49th year of the festival at Worthy Farm, Pilton; it is also the 30th year that showers have been provided on site. What started out in 1989 as a very labour intensive wood log fired system with lots of chopping and cutting of the fuel to provide showers to the 65,000 attendees is now a fully automated wood pellet boiler utilising the robust Windhager BioWIN Excel boiler and offering free hot showers to the 200,000 attendees and site crew throughout the 5 day festival of music and contemporary arts.

The Windhager team spent 4 days in the lead up to the festival setting up the showers and systems battling rain and mud to ensure that everything was completed and commissioned on time before the gates opened. They will stay on site throughout the festival to assist with the running of the Greenpeace showers and encampment as well as enjoying the atmosphere, entertainment and fine weather.

We are very much looking forward to being invited back in 2020 for the 50th anniversary year.