Windhager partners with British Gas



British Gas and Windhager partner together to support nursing and care homes across the UK with fully funded biomass heating and hot water systems

Meeting the UK government's 2020 renewable energy target

The UK government’s renewable targets state that by 2020 they aim to generate 12% of heat through renewable energy sources and to date biomass has delivered 93% of the Renewable Heat Incentive’s capacity.*

Biomass systems, burn wood pellets, chips or logs to power central heating and hot water boilers, in a similar way to conventional gas or oil boilers.

It is considered a low carbon option as the carbon dioxide emitted when wood is burned is the same amount that was absorbed over the months and years that the plant was growing.

Benefits to you

  • No installation costs
  • No servicing costs as they come with a 20-year maintenance package
  • Reduced carbon emissions.

Why is it free?

To help reach their Carbon Emissions Reduction Target (CERT), the government has made funds available for nursing and care homes across the UK.

Why is there a time limit?

We need to deliver the scheme before July 2018 as the government will be reducing their level of support and these funds may no longer be available.

  • Biomass boilers provide a well established and reliable means of producing heat and hot water
  • The fuel used within this process consists of wood pellets
  • The system is fully automatic and monitored 24/7 in real time by your fuel provider. This is to ensure your fuel levels are always at a sufficient level.


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