LogWIN Klassik

Practical, flexible and simple

LogWIN Klassik - Biomass Log Heating Boiler

The new LogWIN Klassik is built with a variety of special features that are especially suited for renovation projects. Practical, flexible and simple, this robust boiler is a practical all-in-one-solution that not only accommodates1/2m logs, but also heat can be derived from 1/3m logs and briquettes. Its large filling chambers gives you easy access to add wood and comes with a removable ash box, making ash removal clean and simple.

Similar to its brother the LogWIN Premium, the LogWIN Klassik has its optional automatic ignition to provide added convenience to enable your home to stay pleasantly warm for long periods of time.

With its high quality combustion chamber that is built with a steel body, this ensures the LogWIN Klassik operational efficiency for many years. Due to its compact size, the LogWIN Klassik only requires minimal space and can fit through spaces as small as a 70cm door, making it easy to transport into a boiler room.

Type Log Gasification Boiler
Fuel Split logs (500mm), Wood briquettes, Wood offcuts
Output 18 - 30 kw
Efficiency 92%