BioWIN Kaskade

High Output, Highest Efficiencies

BioWIN Kaskade High Output Biomass Wood Pellet Boiler

The Windhager BioWIN Kaskade system features numerous boilers operating together to provide maximum efficiencies and system reliability. At the heart of the system is the Kaskade control, this ensures that all boilers within the Kaskade system operate to their maximum efficiencies, equalise the work load between the boilers and matching the varying seasonal heat demands.

The wide modulating range of the Kaskade system ensures that all components in the system work to their optimum potentials and evens out maintenances frequencies and prolongs components and system life.

Ideally suited to commercial installations and district heating applications the Windhager Kaskade system has proven to be the first choice for numerous projects including, leisure facilities, care homes, sports clubs, holiday parks, hotels, schools, district heating projects and numerous commercial enterprises where reliability and efficiency are of an utmost priority.

Combining the BioWIN Kaskade with the Windhager MES Infinity web server enables the whole system to be remotely monitored and controlled. 

  • Duty / assist and duty / standby modes of operation
  • Heating availability even during periods of boiler maintenance
  • Wide modulating output range throughout Kaskade system
  • The total solution for any commercial project
  • Remote monitoring option
Type Wood Pellet Boiler
Fuel 6mm ENplus Wood Pellets
Output 6.5 - 240kW
Efficiency 92%