Wood Pellet Hoppers

A wide range of Wood Pellet Storage Solutions

Wood Pellet Hopper Storage

The correct storage of wood pellets is essential to ensure the effective running of a Windhager wood pellet boiler.

Steel Hoppers With over 20 different physical sizes and capacities the sheet steel hoppers offer a solution to suit all site requirements. The simple steel sectional construction allows the steel hopper to be built and filled in a single day.
Fabric Hoppers Available in 3 physical sizes and capacities the fabric hopper is adjustable in height to maximise fuel storage.
BioStor A plastic ‘all weather’ hopper with a capacity of 600kg, the BioStor is ideal for heating systems with smaller fuel demands.
Bespoke Hopper If a dry environment is available then a bespoke hopper can be built in situ – Windhager are able to provide design and guidance as required.
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  • GeoTank_Underground_Wood_Pellet_Storage.jpg


  • Sheet_Steel_Wood_Pellet_Storage_Hopper.jpg

    Steel Sheet Hopper

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    Steel Sheet Inclined Floor