Commissioning Request Form

Please note we may not be able to complete this commissioning if the end user is not present for handover.

Please complete and submit this document to request a commissioning date. The earlier this document is completed the higher the likelihood of Windhager UK being able to attend on the date requested. In the event we cannot attend on the requested date the closest possible to the requested date will be allocated.

In order for your Windhager boiler to be commissioned on the requested date the system installation needs to be complete and ready for the operation of the boiler and associated fuel handling equipment. A complete installation meets the following but is not limited to;

  • Boiler fully installed
  • Fuel store and associated equipment installed
  • Where applicable pellet hose installed to all probes and boilers
  • Fuel on site but ideally not in the fuel store
  • Flue installed
  • All electrical components (i.e. pumps, mixing valves, sensors etc.) connected
  • Suitably rated power supply installed
  • Hydraulic system installed, flushed, filled, vented and dosed with suitable inhibitor
  • All relevant building regulations adhered to

If you are unsure what constitutes a complete installation please do not submit this document without contacting Windhager UK on service(at) or 01225 892 211

By submitting this document you confirm the system will be ready to commission on the date requested, you agree to the terms and conditions from Windhager UK that in the event that the Commissioning Engineer is unable to complete the commissioning, due to the installation not being completed on the date arranged, you may be charged for a revisit.

In the event that the system is not ready Windhager UK must be informed two working days prior to commissioning. If Windhager UK is not informed you may still be charged for the commissioning.

Pre 2009 Boiler - 6 digit serial number   Post 2009 Boiler - 17 digit serial number

Please ensure the serial number is entered in correctly. Failure to do so could result in a delay in processing this form.


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