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To maximise your boiler’s efficiency, lifespan and VALIDATE YOUR WARRANTY your boiler needs to be serviced by a Windhager trained service engineer. Your Windhager boiler needs to be serviced annually or when the service interval pellet consumption has been reached. We recommend servicing work is carried out in the summer months to minimise inconvenience.

We would also recommend that your flue is swept before your boiler service is carried out.

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Select a service date and we will book the nearest available date to this.

Please switch boilers off a minimum of 6 hours prior to service, do this by pressing the power button on the boiler screen.

An individual boiler service costs £225 (ex VAT) for boilers under 34kW and £250 (ex VAT) for boilers over 34kW. When servicing a double boiler installation £425 (ex VAT) and a 3 boiler installation cost of service is £495 (ex VAT). Payment for service is taken at time of booking.

A boiler service consists of; cleaning of all internal boiler combustion chamber, burner bowl and heat exchanger, service of fuel delivery system, full biomass system health check and full software update of biomass system. Boiler service excludes parts and labour charges that may apply if system components require replacement. All charges will be agreed upon before any additional works are carried out.

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