Terms and Conditions

Windhager are one of the World’s leading manufacturers of carbon neutral wood pellet and log gasification boilers. With over 90 years of knowledge and experience the name Windhager is inextricably linked with quality, innovation and service.

Servicing a Windhager system is vital in maintaining the warranty, government grants as well as safe, efficient and reliable operation. A regularly maintained system operates at its maximum efficiency helping reduce energy bills. A reliable system is also an economic system and ensures longevity.

The warranty offered on Windhager products reflects the build quality of the manufacturer. In order to maintain the full warranty on each component certain criteria must be kept as outlined below.

Windhager System Warranty Terms and Conditions

  1. Windhager systems must be commissioned by a Windhager Engineer or a trained independent engineer who holds a valid WIN-5 certificate. The commissioning document must be returned to Windhager within 14 days of the boiler being commissioned. Any non conformities must be rectified by the installer within 14 days of the boiler being commissioned.

    If condition 1 is not met, the warranty is not valid.

  2. The boiler must be registered with Windhager by the end user within 30 days of commissioning. This can be carried out online at www.windhager.co.uk/registermyboiler

    If condition 2 is not met the Windhager warranty will be limited to 2 years. 

  3. The system must be serviced annually or when the below fuel usage has been reached, whichever comes first;

    • FireWIN - 5 tonnes
    • VarioWIN – 5 tonnes
    • BioWIN2 – 10 tonnes
    • BioWIN Excel - 20 Tonnes
    • LogWIN – no limit

  4. Service work must be carried out by a Windhager engineer or a trained independent engineer who holds a valid WIN-3 certificate

  5. Proof of service must be submitted to Windhager within 14 days of a service being carried out. This must be in the form of an official Windhager service document.

  6. The appliance’s flue(s) should be swept annually and a record of this kept to be presented if requested. 

    If conditions 3, 4, 5 and 6 are not met the Windhager warranty will cease 12 months from the last service. 

  7. The system must be used in accordance with the user and operating manuals. Damage as a result of neglect, incorrect operation, external causes (e.g. loss of water, fuel out of specification, corrosion caused through inadequate inhibitor dosing, etc.) are not covered by the warranty. 

  8. Claims for consequential loss or damage are not covered by this warranty.

  9. Component warranty periods are limited to 32,000 running hours or the below periods, whichever is the first.

    • Boiler (excluding BioWIN Lite) and integrated components – 5 years
    • BioWIN Lite and integrated components – 2 years 
    • Ignition elements – 5 years
    • LogWIN Premium combustion chamber - 10 years
    • MES interface controls – 5 years
    • MES distribution and mixer motors – 5 years
    • Pumps – 2 years
    • Suction turbine and changeover units – 5 years
    • Sheet steel fuel stores – 5 years
    • BioTOP and GeoTANKS – 5 years
    • Fabric fuel stores – 2 years
    • Pellet suction delivery hose – 2 years
    • Accumulator tanks – 5 years
    • Solar thermal systems – 5 years

    All time periods are from commissioning date or 3 months after dispatch whichever comes soonest. 

  10. Components not included within the warranty are classed as ‘wear components’, these include but are not restricted to; primary air pin, burner cone bottom section, burner cone top section, burner grate, safety thermostats, auger douse valve and combustion chamber lining.

  11. For the first 2 years warranty period of the boiler and its integrated components, Windhager UK will carry out eligible warranty claims free of charge. If Windhager UK cannot attend, a third party can carry out the works provided the third party have been pre-approved by Windhager UK and the labour costs agreed upon before any works have been carried out. The pre-approval has to be done for each warranty claim where Windhager UK cannot attend. Failure to gain pre-approval before works have been carried out may result in labour costs not being covered by Windhager UK.

  12. Warranty works will be carried out at a time and place as determined by Windhager UK.

  13. If any outstanding payments are overdue to Windhager UK on parts or services supplied by Windhager UK, the system linked to these overdue payments may have any warranty suspended or terminated at any time.

  14. All warranty terms are with Windhager UK Ltd, Company No. 6427815

  15. These warranty terms and conditions only apply to systems registered on or after 1/4/22.