H006 - System Chimney Course

Duration – 1 Day

The HETAS H006 course is for candidates who have successfully completed the H003 or H005DE course. The course provides training for the installation of rigid twin wall chimney systems in residential properties. The course discusses system components and installation techniques in relation to the various elements of a domestic structure.

Course Outcome and Certification: Successful candidates can demonstrate and register their competence in the installation and testing of prefabricated twin wall insulated system chimneys in residential properties.

Assessment Method: Theory and practical

Course Content

  • Operating principles of chimneys, flues and terminals
  • Design principles of metal twin-wall system chimney for internal and external installations
  • Installation requirements for metal twin-wall system chimneys and connecting flue pipes
  • Installation of twin wall insulated stainless steel chimneys into residential properties
  • Key legislative requirements and industry standards relating to the installation and testing of metal twin-wall system chimneys
  • Be able to test a metal twin-wall system chimney installation
  • System components and good installation practice in relation to the various elements of a residential structure


  • H003 Certificate OR
  • H005DE Certificate
Course fee £320.00 (excl VAT)

Course Dates

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