WIN4 - System Design

The most efficient way to operate a biomass boiler is to vary the amount of heat the boiler produces so it equals the heat load required. The Windhager MES (Modular Energy System) control system will vary the heat produced for each heating zone depending on the outside air temperature and the indoor zone temperature. The system will operate efficiently with or without a buffer vessel.

Within the Windhager System Design WIN4 course attendees will learn how to design and install systems that integrate a range of controls including the Windhager MES controls. Elements covered during the course include;

  • Introduction to MES controls
  • Weather compensation
  • Third party controls
  • Kaskade controls
  • Practical use of buffer and accumulator tanks
  • Designing a Windhager MES control system
  • MyComfort remote access
  • Practical training on installing and wiring a MES control system

Windhager System Design WIN4 course is suitable for anyone involved with design and installation of Windhager boilers. Typical attendees include; site engineers and design engineers.

Pre-requisite for this course is WIN1.

Course Information and Applications

To complete the PDF Application forms online you will need to use Adobe Acrobat Reader which can be downloaded here. Alternatively you can print and complete the form, scan and email or post to us.

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