Windhager Installer Network (WIN)

Windhager Installers Network
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WIN installer network is open to companies who install Windhager products who wish to demonstrate comprehensive product knowledge, professionalism and workmanship. Installers are required to undertake a range of Windhager product and technical training courses. Installers will be assessed to ensure that installation standards meet the expected high quality of a WIN Network installer.

By becoming a member of WIN, companies will be able to promote a mark of quality and excellence to consumers.

Benefits include:

  • Training
  • Sales Leads
  • Access to WIN technical web portal
  • Technical documentation
  • Regular Bulletins
  • Marketing & exhibition supportĀ 
  • Windhager Apparel

If you are interested in joining the Windhager Installers Network please email info(at)

See theĀ WIN Membership Terms & Conditions