WIN - Terms & Conditions

Requirements for WIN Membership

1. WIN1, WIN2, WIN3 and WIN4 training modules completed

2. Attendance when requested to attend refresher courses

3. Three Windhager installations assessed prior to joining WIN;

  •    -   All requirements met from Commissioning Document
  •    -   Provision for flue access for future maintenance
  •    -   Adequate electrical light in the plant room
  •    -   Small power supply within the plant room
  •    -   All pipework insulated to a professional standard
  •    -   Safety discharges piped outside or a to a drain within the plant room
  •    -   Weatherproof plant room
  •    -   All electrical work to comply with current regulations
  •    -   Flue compliance plate present
  •    -   Efficient controls system logic is present and an explanation of the reason for its use provided
  •    -   All electrical components labelled
  •    -   Boiler area clear of any debris
  •    -   End user contacted and a feedback form returned to Windhager UK

4. A minimum of 1 new installation per year will be audited by Windhager UK to maintain WIN status – (the cost for this inspection will be included within the commissioning fee)

5. Attendance to WIN Annual Meeting

Advantages of being a WIN Member

1. Username and Login to the mobile friendly WIN website containing;

  •    -   All manuals and schematics
  •    -   Bulletin board containing regular technical updates
  •    -   Fault code search engine
  •    -   Marketing material

2. Windhager apparel; Windhager Jacket, t-shirt etc. for each WIN member who has completed training

3. Windhager website referral

4. Free sales support; show boilers for events, Windhager staff to help attend events etc.

5. WIN and Windhager van signage

6. WIN Annual Meeting invitation for updates and product launches

7. Access to funding for commercial installations

8. WIN Network Financial Incentives