Lloyds Crescent - Exeter


Global Warming specialist, Jeff Ridley, who’s job it is to battle against climate change, decided to practice what he preaches and convert the heating in his home using multiple renewable technologies.

Being as dedicated as he is towards climate change, the Met Office Scientist decided to replace his previous gas boiler with a 10 kW Windhager BioWIN 2 wood pellet biomass boiler to meet all his heating demands. To achieve this, he turned to Exeter based biomass installer Sungift Solar to design and install the new heating system.

“I am very passionate about doing my part to reduce our carbon emissions, the biomass boiler has performed flawlessly and has reduced my carbon emissions by 1,420 kg per year compared to being on gas. Having to hand feed the fuel hopper with wood pellets makes me more aware of the amount of fuel I am using which has reduced my heating requirements considerably. I have only used 0.3tonnes of pellets since the installation in early January until April” commented Jeff.

Installed in his garage, the wood pellet boiler is set to use a total of 1.2 tonnes of wood pellets per year. With an approximate cost of £250 a year compared to his previous gas boiler, which was costing approximately £380 per year, converting to biomass has resulted in a significant annual saving of £130 off Mr. Ridleys heating bills. 

“This solution from Sungift Solar was the perfect one and I am already seeing huge benefits. Along with the biomass boiler, I also have solar panels that generate more electricity than I need to use and my solar thermal panels provide me with free hot water in the summer months. I do not expect to use the boiler again until October” commented Jeff.

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The installation of the biomass system by Sungift Solar was completed within four days as it connected straight into the existing heating system, resulting in minimal downtime. “Our biomass boiler is clean, simple to operate, and as it connected to my existing heating system, it made the whole process hassle-free for me,” he concluded. 

Whilst many continue to rely on the big six energy companies to provide their heating and the price of oil and gas continuing to increase, Jeff has peace of mind in being able to control how much energy he uses to heat his home. With the cost of wood pellets being extremely economical and enjoying price stability for many years, in addition to fuel savings, Mr. Ridley is also benefiting from rewards from the Renewable Heat Incentive. Over the next seven years he will receive 10.8p per kW of heat he generates totalling an average of £919.28 per annum (index linked).

The system in controlled by Windhager MES weather compensating controls to ensure that the system works to its highest potential and in the most efficient way. The BioWIN 2 is the most compact and durable wood pellet boiler in its class. With is high energy efficiencies of 94.4% it is equipped its own unique self cleaning function which provides low maintenance requirements, reliability and hassle free comfortable heating for all homeowners. The wood pellets used were manufactured in the UK and are EN Plus A1standard to ensure that they are of a consistent standard whilst meeting Jeff’s carbon reduction objectives.